Who are we?

Klaus Home Improvement is run by life long carpenter Gene Klaus. You can email Gene today at amx56 (at) aol dot com.

Klaus Home Improvement
513 Winchester Street
Brunswick, OH 44212

Life Long Carpenter

Like the day you put your child on the bus for the first time. allowing someone to work on your home can a very emotional decision. Our homes are a part of us in many ways. It's where our dreams come true and our memories are made.

How do you choose who you will trust? A flashy ad campaign, your friends brother in law who fixed up his house real nice. Or one of the many well meaning people who have found themselves without a job and have decided to strap their ladders to the top of the old station wagon and become a contractor. When you decide to work on your home you need someone with real experience.

Gene Klaus understands how much your home means to you. He is the third generation of life long carpenters. living in a home built with his own hands. at 8 years old he helped his father build their home in seven hills and has not spent a day of his life away from the craft that has defined him. Gene is a proud carpenter. proud of the craft, proud of the work he has done and proud of the many customers who now call him friend.

Gene has vast experience in all aspects of construction. from the beautifully executed trim on a newly replaced window, to the complete construction of your fine new home or small commercial building. One of Gene's recently completed kitchen makeovers has been featured in Cleveland magazine. Klaus home improvement is a small firm with very high standards. A testament to that is that customer referrals make up the greatest share of Gene's business.